Healthy Mind, Gut, and Body Challenge. Please Join Me!

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I have grown a lot in 2018…especially in my butt and stomach. Many of my friends would tell you, “Ruth is NOT fat. She is just fine.” I promise I won’t complain that I’m fat but I will say, I’m uncomfortable in my body and I KNOW I’m not 100% healthy.

For most of my life I’ve been very skinny. I shared about how skinny I was in my post, How Porn Destroyed My Self Esteem. I understand I was an unhealthy skinny then and don’t desire to be that kind of thin again…

This is me with my 5th baby. I got so skinny...I can't blame any of my weight gain on my children...
This is me with my 5th baby. I got so skinny…I can’t blame any of my weight gain on my children…

BUT I do not like how tight my clothes are or the fact that I refuse to wear certain outfits because of the extra lumps and bumps that have appeared on wrong parts of my body. I also don’t like my children poking at the extra stuff around my stomach when I’m seated or that I knock over toddlers with a bump of my growing behind.

It’s especially embarrassing when your 92 year old grandpa can out walk you. When he was in his 80’s he would walk up and down to his apartment on the 3rd floor multiple times a day. I would walk up once and be out of breath. I was skinny but NOT healthy.

So this year, I want to get healthy. Healthy in my mind, my gut, and my body. I have never heard of a weight loss or health program that focused on all three of these areas at once, and available to everyone, until this year, the program is called “Project b3.”

Why do I want to be healthy in my mind and my gut? Being healthy in my mind and gut means I’ll be able to handle my stress and moods better. Our whole mental wellness (stress, anxieties, depressions, and more) health depends on how healthy our mind, our gut, and the axis between them are.

In 2018 I focused a lot on making sure my gut brain axis was healthy and best able to handle 7-8 kids, a full time job, side jobs, online classes, foster care stuff, social workers, money stresses, and more. This year I want to also make sure my physical body is healthy and ready for what comes my way too.

Jan 2019 – My “before” pictures.
All before pictures I’ve seen, they look unhappy so here I am with my unhappy scary face. 😛

I’ve decided to participate in Project b3 because I want to be healthy in all areas of my life. Dr. Shawn, the lead scientist of Amare’s all natural mental wellness products, has offered Project b3, a FREE program, for EVERYONE. He will do a weekly Thursday ZOOM call with us and we have the opportunity to ask him, the guy behind all the science, questions directly! There is even a very active FB support group we can participate in too. Here is the overview of this amazing program.

As the flier states, “Body and brain wellness begins with biome health. The first step to full body wellness is to supplement your nutrition daily with products specially formulated to optimize your gut-microbiome health.” You can get the suggested supplements here: Please fill out the contact information to view the supplements. You are not expected or committed to buy anything after creating a customer login.

For some of us, me included, these supplements are out of our budgets. In October 2017, I took Amare Fundamentals for a little over two months then I couldn’t afford it. I was still on the Fundamentals when our two foster babies entered our lives at 14 months old and 3 days old. I was surprisingly able to handle the stress of a brand new full time job AND two new babies on top of my 5 other children. THEN I ran out of the Fundamentals…my energy, stress tolerance levels, and patience really was stretched thin. My own children and husband saw the huge difference in my moods as I yelled and cried more.

When your budget is tight, stress and depression increases. Amare Global wants to help EVERYONE in EVERY way so they’ve come up with multiple ways to get products for less or even for FREE! For Project b3, the best way to get these supplements to fit your budget is to find others who want to lose weight and be mentally healthy with you! As you share, your own product cost goes down or is eliminated completely. I now don’t have to pay for my own products and my family enjoys a calmer more patient Mommy. Please TEXT (808-358-4667) me if this is the best option for you!

Honestly, I’m not an athlete and I’m not looking forward to adding one more thing to my crazy busy day…exercise. I married a “coach” but for over two years I refused to be “coached” by him. I’ve used every excuse in the book on why I can’t exercise yet, the best is, “I have a baby and not sleeping through the night yet.” I really don’t want to do this program without others by my side so if you wanna lose weight by getting healthy, mentally, emotionally, and physically, please TEXT me at (808) 358-4667. Don’t bother calling, I have about 58 unchecked voicemails. 😛

Please come on this journey with me!


26 thoughts on “Healthy Mind, Gut, and Body Challenge. Please Join Me!

  1. I teach college composition at three different local colleges. I ride public transportation and walk everywhere. My co-workers think I’m nuts because I take the steps instead of using the elevator (adjunct offices are on the 4th floor and we teach on the 1st floor). I figure it isn’t intense exercise, but it gets my heart rate up and keeps me in shape! I walk 10 miles per week and I’m thankful for that!

    1. That’s awesome! If you don’t have time to exercise using the resources around you to add it into your day IS exercise! I’m now thinking I should take strolls around our school a few times a day, going up and down the stairs to all the classrooms. My library is on the ground floor and I rarely get out. 😛 Thanks for the idea! 🙂

  2. Gut health has been directly tied to brain health and diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. It is amazing how interrelated our minds and bodies are! Good for you for taking care of yourself so you can take care of everyone else!

    1. It’s amazing how the gut brain connection affects so many different things in our body! So many people have been having amazing results health wise as they improve just their gut brain health!

  3. I can totally relate. I was always think growing up, I NEVER worried about what I ate. I was skinny but not healthy. Now that I’ve had two kids, I actually have to think about my weight and while I’m not fat, I am definitely not comfortable in my body.

  4. Well written! I agree – I was the most out of shape skinny person you’d ever meet! So much more than just looking healthy!

  5. We are always our own worst critic, I thin you look great and so happy with your kids! Being healthly is important, so I am happy to hear that you are in focus. Best of luck to you!

  6. Great post it’s definitely better to focus on being healthy than on your weight or the things you don’t like. I’m quite happy in my body although I wouldn’t mind if I was fitter or smaller but I don’t see focusing on what I don’t like as a valuable use of time. Focus on where we want to go and take lessons from our past so we can stay on the straight and narrow.

  7. It is so important to focus on these three aspects. Being fit only to look nice, doesn’t work. But being healthy together with the gut and the brain is perfect! Great challenge!

  8. I think we all strive for “wellness” in general mind body spirit, but usually we focus on only one and subconsciously think the others will improve to. Great post on putting it all together with intention!

  9. Inspiring! I’m glad you found a program/supplements that work for you and you are finding a way to afford them. Your quest is inspiring as I said and I love how you want to be healthy so you can take care of your family – it’s great!

  10. I too used to be very thin. I do strive for wellness but have come to terms and accept menopause and the extra added pounds. For me portion control is working. Best of luck with this new plan. I will be watching.

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