10 Gift Ideas for Boys

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Sometimes finding the right gift for the right person is hard to do. Here are gift ideas for boys that have all been approved by Taye, my 9 year old boy and the teacher/librarian Mommy, me.

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  1. “Save the Chubby Unicorns T-shirt”:  Unicorns are the in thing. Girls have their unicorn shirts…boys should too! My son loved this shirt and laughed and laughed.


2. iQ Builder: A 3D coloring puzzle! In my 9yr old’s own words, “Cool…” This is a gift that would keep your child busy for hours! A big or small kit for different budgets!





3. Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit: Most boys like gross disgusting stuff. When I showed this to my boy he had this goofy grin on his face and nodded. I know he’d have fun with doing these SCIENCE experiments but also lots of fun grossing others out with his creations. As a mother, I’m excited that kids get to learn more about the body as they explore “disgusting things.”

 4. Bloxels:  Boys LOVE video games and as their mother, it drives me nuts to see my boys look like video gaming zombies. I was introduced to Bloxels at a teacher STEM convention and was excited to learn that my kids could build their own video game! My son agrees this is a great gift! And you can get it for way less through this link than I did at the convention!






5. Pokemon Watches: Tons of boys love Pokemon so I thought we have to have a gift idea for Pokemon lovers! I’m a practical mom and found these cool watches that even my boy thinks are really neat. These are the three watches he liked most because they all have covers for the clock part; Red Pokemon Watch, Black Pokemon Watch, Pokemon Pocket Watch.

6. Toyk Flying Ball: My boy found this light disco helicopter all by himself. He was super excited about it and said, “It’s only $16.00 with FREE shipping! FIVE stars! AND best seller!!! I watched the video tons of times already!” I think he really wants this now…maybe I’ll actually surprise him with it too.

7. Fart Spray: Taye is really fascinated by pranks right now and thought this would be an awesome gift. Especially after recently getting a Whoopee Cushion. IF I got this for my boy it would come with the instructions, do NOT use this in the house around me! But yes, I do think he would have a TON of fun with this simple gift.

Since prank gifts were on his mind, we found another interesting Joke Box with no foul smells. This one looks fun and not stinky! I know my boy would enjoy this too…so many more pranks to make other laugh.

8. Marky Sparky Faux Bow: I don’t like guns, especially toy guns. Taye knows this so he found this foam bow and arrow archery set. I think archery is super cool and I know if Taye got this, I’d want to try it too!

9. Anki Cosmo: A teacher at my son’s school has this and when Taye saw it he got excited. He said “It is very fun! It cost more because it comes with it’s own touchpad to control it. It also comes with blocks to pick up.”

As a teacher this is a great gift to teach your child about coding while having lots of fun.

10. Dog Man: The librarian in me has to include at least ONE book. This is one of Taye’s favorite book collections. It is a fun graphic novel, comic book style. I too agree it’s a fun read for all kids. As we were looking at Dog Man books we found the newest Dog Man #6 and Taye almost started jumping up and down with excitement saying, “I really really want to read that one!” Yes, boys can get excited about books.

Taye and I had fun choosing gifts ideas for boys. I know he’s now secretly hoping I’ll get his Christmas gift from this list. Please share other great gift ideas for boys!

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29 thoughts on “10 Gift Ideas for Boys

  1. What a great list! I teach, and my students range from 9-11 years old. This list is spot on! A lot of my students love the Dog Man books as well. Thanks!

    1. Dog man is a fun read. You might want to read it too. Your son would think you were cool. 😉 Thanks for your comment! Hope this list helps you with your gift giving this year! 🙂

  2. These are great! I am so over toys this year but there are several of these I haven’t heard of that I would be willing to get. 😁

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